making it happen

working only with skilled seamstresses and patternmakers in australia, we're keeping business local, giving back in a small way to an industry that has seen massive job losses, closure of factories and so many businesses. more and more small and large fashion labels look to asia for cheap and quick manufacture. keeping our business local means interacting with real people, and gaining priceless industry knowledge from the small family run factories we work with.

to the future

we don't pretend to have it all right and we are constantly working towards making zino ama more sustainable and responsible. we want our generation to be the ones to leave this earth more beautiful than it was before we came here.

starting small

we are firm believers in changing the world by starting where you are. any steps to becoming more aware of what you consume and why, are positive ones. being conscious of how your clothes are made is one small way to help this world be a little kinder, cleaner and happier.