making slow fashion lovers

zino ama was created in 2017 by keshia coulson. our collections are designed in sydney and manufactured in small family run businesses around australia. we work with local craftspeople in a sustainable and responsible way to make garments that have minimal negative impact on the earth and its humans. our dream is to help change the world from fast fashion consumers to considered fashion lovers. 



at zino ama we make clothes to last and wash and love. ethically, sustainably, compassionately.

ethical fabric sourcing

we source our fabric from responsible suppliers, using local when possible. all our clothes are made from either deadstock and remnant fabric (left over from the fashion and workwear industries that would otherwise become landfill) or fair trade factories. we also use fabric that has certification from Oeko Tex, ensuring it does not contain harmful substances and the factories meet standard requirements for workplace safety, a ban on child labour, anti-discrimination and without forced labour. manufacturers also must provide adequate working times, holidays and wages.